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The Dynamites are a three-woman singing group on the film Hairspray. They're a girl group that are friends with Motormouth Maybelle and Corny Collins. They were enemies with Velma Von Tussle. They were portrayed Shayna Steele, Kamilah Marshall and Terita Redd.



The Dynamites have a minor role in the film.

They are first seen when they perform the song 'The New Girl in Town' on Negro Day. They appear to be very talented. When they finish performing the camera goes of and Motormouth Maybelle tells them they did great. They next appear performing 'Welcome to the '60s'.


Solos in a Group NumbersEdit

  • The New Girl in Town - with Amber Von Tussle, Shelly and Tammy
  • Welcome to the '60s - with Tracy Turnblad and Edna Turnblad